Let me introduce myself

This is the second time I’m trying to create my personal Blog. You might be asking yourself why I would mention that, because you can obviously tell it didn’t work our the first time. And why is that? Well because I tryed too hard the first time. I wasn’t being myself because I actaully thought it’s relevant what others think. That changed after realising who I am doing this for. Me.

When I want to do something, I tend to put everything into it and I take every part of it super serious. So I only posted when the analytics said it’s a good time and tried to create a perfect feed, just like the ones everyone else has. Unfortunately that made the whole process exhausting and not enjoyable at all. Now I just post whenever I feel like it, because I still want to believe thta if my content is good, people will like it.

I study Marketing & Digital Media and I currently work in Fashion PR & Sales, which is much closer to my long term goal than I was 6 Months ago. Someone once told me that manifesting your goals may help you achive them, so here is mine: By the time I’m 30 I want to be attending Fashion Weeks around the world. Not as an Influencer, because I recently found out posting my everyday life on Instagram is not for me. I want to become a fashion Buyer and I’ve given myself 6 years to get there. So how does this Blog help me? I want to practice my trend spotting, trend forecasting and brand discovery. I will try to include all types of clothes and styles, but my heart belongs to clean, edgy looks. I love scandinavian lables and asian streetstyle.

My goal might sound slightly unrealistic but I am a dreamer and I believe in myself and my ability to work hard for the things I want. Apart from that I love telling stories and on my blog you’ll be able to follow mine. Because I recently purchased my first sewing machine you might also get to see some handmade clothes by moi.

I hope this turns out great and maybe some of you might even decide to keep me company here.


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